Lee Stone, Executive Director

LEE STONE, Executive Director
Lee joined the Board of Directors for HFC in 2014, after returning from his first mission trip […]

Emmanuel Romain, Managing Director (and wife, Saintanise)

Emmanuel Romain, Managing Director (and wife, Saintanise)

Michelle Roose, Assistant Director

Miltha Saint-Fleur, Supervisor

Vilienne Musac, Care Taker

Marie Nicole Joseph, Cook

Marie Rosemène Jean, Laundry

Gina Robert, Laundry

Roselaine Bien-Aimé, Laundry

Annette Laurent, Laundry

Wincy Bohémienne Hector, Laundry

Carrie Tibbles, Board Chair and Medical Director

Paulkenson Simpson, Board of Directors

David Rhee, Treasurer

Mary Smith, Board of Directors

Kathryn Lawrence, Board Secretary

David McMillan, Board of Directors

Kristy McMillan, Board of Directors

Dan Kasey, Advisory Board

Andre Gorgenyi, Advisory Board