Children’s Home

Our children’s home is home to more than 90 children.

Our organization was founded in 1996. The first group of children who were taken in are now young adults and we refer to them as our First Generation. Some were adopted, some are living outside the children’s home now, and some are in our Post-Secondary Program. We even have a couple who are working as staff in our children’s home!

In September of 2013 we welcomed our Second Generation- 54 new children. In November of 2016, we welcomed 29 more children who had all lost parent(s)/guardian(s) and/or their homes due to Hurricane Matthew- a category 4 storm that ravaged the south of Haiti.

These children have been integrated with our existing Second Generation children. Although they are doing well, we know that they, as well as our other children, have all experience great trauma in their lives. We are working to have our staff trained in how to care for children of trauma.

We have 45 staff who help to take care of the children- from cooking to cleaning to building maintenance.

Hope for the Children of Haiti provides for the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of our children. We provide food, clean water, clothing, education, we connect them with the local church where many children are part of the choir and youth group.