May 2018 Trip

May 2018 Trip to Haiti Co-chair/Treasurer David Rhee, and his daughter Stephanie Rhee took a trip down to Haiti this past May. During their trip, David worked on the water filter at HFC's orphanage. Stephanie took interviews of the kids, took photos, and had the kids get their own footage as well. [...]

Happy Father’s Day!

This Father's Day, support a child in need by donating to Hope for the Children of Haiti. A monthly donation of $35 will provide education, and medical care for a boy or girl. These are the most powerful tools you can use to change the world, by giving them hope for a better future. Donate by going to Thank you, and Happy Father's Day! David Rhee [...]

Argusto’s Story

My name is Argusto. I am going to college for a business degree. I work for the MA Army National Guard. I’ve come a long way with the help of my sponsors, my friends and my adopted family. In a few words, here is what sponsorship means to me. It means that you pledge an allegiance to help someone until he/she can be self-sufficient. To [...]

Jefthe’s Story

I am Jefthe Armour. I was adopted into the Armour family and finally got to move with the family here in the U.S, in January 2013. It's been an amazing experience, and above all; a blessing from God. I am a graduate of the class 2012 of Central Valley High School and am currently a student at the Spokane Community College. Going to school to [...]

Marion Austin’s Story

At the age of 67, Marion Austin retired from 20+ years of service with the US military as a Diet Therapist. Determined not to “just sit around,” Marion embarked on her first trip to Haiti at the urging of her grand-daughter Amy. Marion enjoyed the people so much that she began considering full-time missionary service in Haiti. After much prayer, Marion decided to go to [...]

Letters from Haiti

I'm Emmanuel Romain, Director of the orphanage for the past 2 years. I and my wife, Saintanise, live at the orphanage. For me, one of the most beautiful experiences that I have had in my life is to work with children. At the orphanage we receive children from all parts of Haiti. I did not imagine that in my own country there were children who are so [...]