I am Jefthe Armour. I was adopted into the Armour family and finally got to move with the family here in the U.S, in January 2013. It’s been an amazing experience, and above all; a blessing from God. I am a graduate of the class 2012 of Central Valley High School and am currently a student at the Spokane Community College. Going to school to further my education has been one of my dreams, and it’s amazing seeing it becoming a reality. I plan on transferring to Eastern Washington University to get my bachelor degree.

Looking back, I’ve got the helps of amazing friends, family members, sponsors in Haiti. I feel blessed to be here in America where I know, everyone’s get a shot at success. It’s not handed to any of us, but I believe in hard work and dedication.

And most importantly again, I thank God for leading me along the way. It’s been so far a great journey, a new life full with opportunities. So many great things happen in my life. To think that all that happened is just a simple and plain coincidence would be outrageously crazy. I strongly believe that God is in control, because as cliché as this may sound; without Him I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the things I’ve so far. I hope I get to make a difference in the lives of others just like through many; my life has been blessed in so many ways.”