Paul Simpson’s Story

My name is Paul Simpson. I am a Hope for the Children of Haiti (HFC) alumnus that has been tremendously impacted by my time growing up at HFC. Looking at where I am now and from where I started out, it is nothing short of a miracle how God orchestrated HFC’s influence over my life.

I remember living with my uncle, aunt, two cousins and grandparents before I moved into an orphanage when I was 4 years old. A year later, I found a new home at HFC where I was exposed to a new world. I had my own bed, was attending school for the first time and didn’t have to worry about food. I began to realize that I was going to have a better future. This was a world of hope. Inside the HFC walls was a place where I felt protected, cared for and loved. I began aspiring to break the cycle of poverty that seemed to hold the majority of Haitians captive.

I write from my heart that there was no better place for me to be than at HFC. I developed a strong brotherhood with kids who came from other areas of Haiti. I really enjoyed “the Americans” who came and spent quality time with me. Little did I know how dedicated they were to HFC to ensure the orphanage prospered. My first role model was Dr. Jacob Bernard, whose life story and achievements inspired me. He was the man I strived to be like, a father figure who set a high bar a boy like me wanted to surpass.

After ten years at HFC, I was adopted by two board members. HFC grew more meaningful holding a special place in my heart. Through mission trips, attending board meetings and greater hands-on involvement, I was able to see firsthand the amount of effort needed to drastically transform a life like mine.

My journey with HFC gave me a sense of direction in life, and a driving force to succeed after seeing all that was invested in me over the years. I was the only student in my graduating class to be accepted into Massachusetts College of Design and Art (Mass-Art). After obtaining my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in industrial design, I knew there was a future for the current HFC kids. I am dedicated to helping them prosper and accomplish even more than I have.

I am thankful to HFC for the difference it has made in my life and for enabling me to make a difference in the lives of others. At HFC we want to foster the hearts and minds of our children to become independent and to look after not just themselves, but others as well.

My story is retold and re-imagined each day at HFC. With the many hardships Haiti has encountered over the years, your compassionate response to our needs is greater than ever. To accomplish HFC’s vision will take the support of passionate advocates and investors at all levels. I hope and pray that you will help us prepare our children for the future by transforming their lives just as it did mine.

Paulkenson S. Simpson

Board Member and Alumnus

Hope for the Children of Haiti