May 2018 Trip to Haiti

Co-chair/Treasurer David Rhee, and his daughter Stephanie Rhee took a trip down to Haiti this past May.

During their trip, David worked on the water filter at HFC’s orphanage.

Stephanie took interviews of the kids, took photos, and had the kids get their own footage as well.

Interviewing the kid & letting them take pics!

Although we do already have a clean water system at our orphanage in Haiti, there still seems to be problems with it.

On the trip, we brought new filtration, and installed them – it wasn’t enough.  In less than 10 hours, the filters got very dirty.

We are working on a reverse-osmosis plan to improve our water, and will send down a larger tank with a missions team that will be going down in July.

More updates to come.

Hardness of water before/after filter.