I’m Emmanuel Romain, Director of the orphanage for the past 2 years. I and my wife, Saintanise, live at the orphanage.

For me, one of the most beautiful experiences that I have had in my life is to work with children. At the orphanage we receive children from all parts of Haiti. I did not imagine that in my own country there were children who are so miserable. Like children who die of hunger, children who are sick and can’t go to see a doctor, children who are mistreated.

The children in the orphanage love it when teams come to visit them. They like it because they know their support comes from each of you. Children have many ways to show their gratitude such as:

  • If they jump on you, that means: welcome and they are delighted to see you.
  • If children hold your hand that means: they choose you as a sponsor.
  • If you are
    leaving the orphanage and if they cry or are sad that means: they hope you will come back to see them again.
  • It’s really funny the way the children show their gratitude, but I’d like you to come visit us at the orphanage and see these lovely children.

The biggest thing I will ask you to do is to pray for the children in Haiti.

Pray that they can afford to go to school.
Pray that they can go to the hospital when they are sick.
Pray that they can always find shoes and clothes to wear.
Pray for us to have the means to feed them.
I already rely on your prayers and I hope you come visit us soon.

May God bless you!
Emmanuel ROMAIN