Visit Haiti and HFC!

Through out the year, volunteer groups and potential donors visit our children’s home in Haiti. If you would like to experience Haiti, we can work with you to plan a trip that will suit your group.

Would you like to tour our children’s home and then spend time experiencing another side of Haiti- the side you don’t see in the news- while putting your money into the local economy through tourism? Let’s get planning! Would you like to spend more time using your skills while working alongside Haitians to improve the facilities at our children’s home? When would you like to come? Would you like to bring a team of skilled professionals to teach the children a specific ability? Let’s talk!

Please contact us at for more information

Here are some examples of what your team can do:

  • Teach the children English to supplement their present English classes

  • Partner with local workers on construction projects that enhance the school and children’s home facilities

  • Plan and teach a Vacation Bible school or other Christian program for the children

  • Teach computer classes to the children Equip and accompany the older children on their own “mission trip” into their neighboring village such as sharing the gospel or helping the elderly

  • Visit the National Museum in Port-au- Prince

  • Take surf lessons

  • Go to the beach

  • Explore Fort Jaques

  • Go horseback riding in the mountains in your spare time